BHUTAN HEARTLAND,  our book is a great orientation to Bhutan and Bhutan photography. It is still available on Amazon. Over time, we have written a number of detailed posts about travel and photography in Bhutan. These posts are gathered here for you.  Our 2014 photo tour details are now available here.



Here are all the  links to my Bhutan Travel and Photography posts:

Tigers Nest Bhutan

Tigers Nest Bhutan

Bhutan Travel:

How tourism is managed in Bhutan: Where and when to go to Bhutan

Tourism is well managed by the government so as to protect Bhutan’s environment and culture; a third of the tariff is for the development of tourism infrastructure. Read on for more on Bhutan Travel.




Buddhist Nun: Happy to Pose

Bhutan Photography:

Culturally Sensitivity

Bhutanese people are really friendly and open. They enjoy sharing their culture and are generally happy to be photographed. In the excitement of seeing such rich beauty it can sometimes be difficult to keep from crossing the line into being intrusive or even rude.  Here are a few guidelines for not wearing out the welcome.



A Buddhist monk steps into bright sunshine during a Festival in Bhutan

A Buddhist monk steps into bright sunshine during a Festival in Bhutan

Bhutan Photography:

Managing High Contrast Lighting

High contrast lighting can sometimes be a real problem, especially at festivals. On a very sunny day you may be trying to photograph a group of dancers in a courtyard surrounded by high buildings so that the performers are half in bright sunlight and half in dark shadow. Our eyes can manage this but cameras cannot!  Read on for some solutions:


Our book …

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