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Kawant Mela – the Gair fair of Gujurat in India

At the Kawant Mela men from each village have their own style.

Each year at harvest time the Rathwa people come in their finest clothes from far distant villages throughout the region, crammed into trucks, buses, wagons and tractors to fill the small town of Kawant with their colour, noise and enthusiasm. Every sense is heightened while moving amongst the friendly crowds who come to celebrate their […]

The Salt Workers of the Little Rann of Kutch –

Salt Workers of the Rann of Kutch-7

The Arabian Sea retreated millenniums ago, leaving rich deposits of salt under the harsh desert landscape of the Little Rann of Kutch in India‚Äôs far west state of Gujarat. Each year the monsoon rains turn the desert into 5,000 square kilometres of salty marsh, forcing the animal inhabitants to seek refuge amongst the sparse thorny […]

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