China Photography Tour 4-16 May 2014

A photography tour  in China which will focus on the Miao and Dong communities  in areas less travelled by local tourists so that there is opportunity and time to experience our encounters more deeply and begin to understand the lives and complex choices of these village people. Engaging with others going about their normal routines requires respectful curiosity and creative good humour; then comes the photographic moment. Our guides and interpreters will help us make sense of the unusual and the everyday so that the stories begin to build and inform our photographic choices. There will be flexibility for individual photographic passions.

Since this area of Guizhou is subtropical, the small ancient villages and farms are tucked away in warm valleys, often surrounded by cloudy ridges and so each community has its own festivals and craft traditions, including extraordinary costumes, textiles and jewelry. During the photography tour we will observe and photograph the Miao Siyueba Festival in Huangping and dancers in Basha, a Dong village as well as visit craftspeople active in textiles, embroidery and papermaking.


This is a photography tour for travellers with a range of photographic interests and skills. Robert has highly developed coaching and mentoring skills so he can respond to individual needs. Mostly we stay in each location for two or three nights so we can focus our energy on exploring the nearby villages. It will be fascinating to reflect upon the cross-cultural experiences within and between these villages as well as between the Miao, Dong and Han peoples and ourselves.


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The tour includes: • All hotels and meals, as noted in itinerary. • All travel starting and ending in Guiyang, Guizhou. • Entrance fees to parks, gardens, museums,and other venues. • Private transfers to and from the airport. • Gratuities to local guides and drivers. • Download the extensive trip notes for full information

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